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ACEBE started in 2018 with the mission of providing business education and resources to the people of Sub-Saharan Africa because one of our founders, Abraham Kamara, saw the lack of growth and development in the region despite millions of dollars of foreign aid being dispersed.  With the help of Heather Schroder they began to build the organization from the ground up. Along the way they began to see there was more need than just business education there was a need for hope; there was a need for simply water. Many people began to share their passion to help and ACEBE launched it's first project Water for Sierra Leone to build a well for the small town of Yonibana, Sierra Leone. Because of the immeasurable support from the people of our local community here in Tulsa we decided to expand our mission to serve the people closest to home as well as continue to help rebuild Africa. Our mission is simple, to improve the living standards of people and be a guide for those who need it. 

Meet The Team


Abraham Kamara


Heather Schroeder


Charles Koromo


Aliou Diallo


Marie Kamara

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